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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 4, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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happening but they are still working at a great this started seem to be some kind of pursuit the police are pursuing the suspect and he drove herewwá there is some indication and this is his apartment but i am trying to get up in front. nonetheless it is an area he's familiar with and he's been !w percent and may have been police information officer that is supposed to come out in the next half houree(
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they can give us more insight on what initiated the pursuit and how we got to this point. monitor the situation all we broke the news with a push alert. you can get the latest breaking ou app that security are 7:00 am for everyone we 4]5sn7are joine the very latest with a lot of there's a quarter we can't? >> taking us all the way into golden gatej conditions probably downtown san francisco going on for the into the valleys and very temperatures have not patched upper 50s on the east bay 8
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san francisco fairfield at high at the ninth with concord around 60 hours 60 9:11 am and 3 pm 80 as day. has traffic and expect not too haven't spotted any traffic into san francisco you have to sit in this slow traffic at thes they read troll plaza. he will little faster the cash lanes but not a bad] crowded across the upper deck+h extension into downtown not patched in the past hour 17 to 20 minutes from the major sky racer that is o drivetime will check back in a breaking news overnigh
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learned this morning a woman who was killed in a knife investigators say there is no evidenceq radicalization terrorist attack were five other people injured in the stabbing rampage burglaries video from the scenez where this happened late last british museum. six people were and the american woman that was killed was in her 60s but investigators have not said how their police arrested a 19-year- old in connection with the attack. does it is believe mental health was a factor.fe( happening now firefighters are struggling to gain control it doubled in size in one day.]p live outside the winters fire department with an update on >>reporter: we just learned that the fire has grown to 4700
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containment and startings0]n7s9 morning residents of the golden bear estates will be able to return to their homes but i want to show you some video of fire crews are getting ready to head to the firelight that this isú; is around highway 128.z much of it is not starting to ?re@pí.pm&úw unpopulated areas that makes it ?re@pí.pm&w >>úp states will be repopulated, the area that was the campground was mostly rvs and recreational ?re@pí.pm&úw there will be no access to that ?re@pí.pmw as the fire continues to burn to the west and north away from the populated areas4q good from the standpoint that
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?re@pí.pm&úw in his back from the standpoint that the area is inaccessible ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&úw >>reporter: evacuations are still in place for canyon creek resort.uo hellfire is working with local law enforcement to the it o'clock a.m. ?re@pí.pmw throughout the morning with updates. >>ov' recalling 830,000 cars because the doors can (v' moving expect the recall is 2013 two 2015 models of the ?re@pí.pmw as well as 2012 the 2015 fourthq focus. also if the 2014 and 2016 ford transit connect fans and 2015 á c from 2015. ?re@pí.pm&úw
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latch can break off in the doors to open while the car is problems is higher in states with high temperatures. the recall is focused on 16 states in the southwest including here in california. dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w replace the latches for free. a major break in the case ?re@pí.pmw was inappropriately touched by a man at a community pool happened at the walnut country concorde on sunday. police believe they have this, ?re@pí.pmw this crime happened just before ?re@pí.pmw is seen walking up the stairs near nepal checking out his ?re@pí.pmw later the girl was approached and touched while going into the shed to get some supplies for the man is described as ?re@pí.pm&w ntsb investigating the bus crash that killed four people valley. the bus crash on tuesdaycwm
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can see how the people from the overhead sign toward three investigators initially said five people died and now they say for our desperate[2@ is a merry couple from mexico and a man from southern california.[q# investigators do not know what happened before the crash but trying to pass a car and the driver would not let the bus and investigators have not been able to speak with him because ?re@pí.pmw 27 on board the bus including the driver seven passengers suffered major injuries some ?re@pí.pm&w minor. >> the search is on for in arizona the real street shoot up the suspect has been shooting randomly at people in the ?re@pí.pmw police believe that the same suspect is the person who shot at a manv&+s9 last month. the man and his son were not injured and a total g has killed seven people and
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all of the shootings have been granted. ?re@pí.pmw in the area to be on the lookout for unusual or suspicious people ?re@pí.pm&úw -- out and about sprint investigators trying to crash landed in dubai. this is ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pmw scrambled to get out before it burst into flames. all 300 people on board were able to escape and only 13 have ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw >> a firefighter died of fighting the flames and investigators say it's possible ?re@pí.pmw collapsed causing the plane to ?re@pí.pmw holding a lead over clinton a at ?re@pí.pmw
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clinton and trump controversies have given clinton-m the poll. trump involved in several controversies this week including a feud with the family of a muscle american ?re@pí.pmw chubb also came under fire for and paul ryan. ?re@pí.pm&w week. sources inside the trump campaign setting they are with chubb's inability to stay on message the trump campaign ?re@pí.pm&úw denied allegations that he is >> is in control of the campaign. ?re@pí.pmw putting up on the sprint >> a source inside the gop for some officials have suspicions that trumps race but no signs he is >> continue with politics republicans are slamming the white house this morning for a decade old 400 >> continue with politics r#7 white house this morning for a decade old 400 million >> continue with politics republicans are slamming the white house this morning for a decade old $400 million debt ?re@pí.pm&w
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>> why the payment is sparking controversy. respect republican seizing on news of the obama administration secretly arranged the delivery of a large cash ?re@pí.pm&úw day that are run released for american prisoners and formally >> ic $400 million :e3 in cash and it's been shipped ?re@pí.pm&úw >> set in the gop accusing the administration of violating ?re@pí.pm&úw paying for a hostage release i think it puts americans abroad ?re@pí.pm&w and obama0pú the head of every american traveling abroad. essentially a ransom payment ?re@pí.pm&úw >>reporter: the white house and ?re@pí.pm&úw was is read some? ?re@pí.pm&úw
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it is against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages were >>reporter: transfer in january. as for the cash delivery officials said he was definitely was due to iran's ?re@pí.pm&úw delivery happened at the same day as the personal relief administration officials say a chinatown sentenced to life in prison today. is due in federal court in sank ?re@pí.pm&w fraternal group in the group members engaged in drug trafficking money laundering he insisted he change his ways but was convicted of 162 counts racketeering , was first arrested as part of a sting ?re@pí.pm&úw who is already pleaded guilty ?re@pí.pm&w prison. ?re@pí.pm&úw
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carries a mandatory life sentence for drug and 30 minutes ?re@pí.pm&úw court employeesly out on strike for the employees walked off the job yesterday to negotiations with the work ?re@pí.pm&w court but there was only ?re@pí.pm&úw the court is saying that employees were offered a 10% pay increase by workers say that is not enough. they plan to be out on the picket line again starting at mp 7:30 pm. ?re@pí.pm&w an arrest in a killing of a patent area woman was visiting dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w military where they found the suspect. andv after the breakrár facing severe weather as we watch flooding across the southwesttj8n ?re@pí.pm&w
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. welcome back to kron4. more monsoonal moisture expected ?re@pí.pm&úw here is a video of the flooding in arizona. ?re@pí.pm&w
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< -- flash flooding in many ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw what was hurricane earl we can into a tropical storm ?re@pí.pm&úw pictures it was a category one hurricane with winds at 80 miles per hour. ?re@pí.pmw makes its way along the coast through central america. for ?re@pí.pmw warnings with the storm as we ?re@pí.pm&úw expect a lot of concerns have our vacation plans for it is summertime. this entireñ3 ?re@pí.pm&úw much by it. some gusty winds and ñr5s9
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?re@pí.pm&w you can see if they're spinning around making its pathway west billets follow this last checkm1 tropical storm now going from orlanda weakening down the tropical depression strike. ?re@pí.pm&úw winds are expected to be only ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw weisberg was thinking it would testify apex. but like it will make its trackr dissipates and that will be some heavy rain and locally severe weather across looking ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&úw francisco maybe around the golden gate hanging around the overcast skies j.éms9 ?re@pí.pm&w that is by 10:00
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into the valley very nicely and cutting down the visibility ?re@pí.pm&úw the overnight hours and same deal for tomorrow morning. this again will keep temperatures and as we go into the weekend. i check into the wind as they are onshore 12 miles per hour winds last check for san francisco oakland nine -1 miles per hour winds last check for san francisco oakland 916 and hayward at about 10 and a look at temperatures today . 75 ?re@pí.pmw 60s to the south bayy[ ?re@pí.pm&w hayward lower to middle 80s over the hills 86 pleasanton lev and san ramon and walnut creek. ?re@pí.pm&w . for the weekend and early next week it comes backvçr little bit of a warm-up for looking out for traffic is routed.
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francisco. packed here at the bay bridge toll plaza but the good news is the backup is holding at west grand holding there for the ?re@pí.pm&úw problems leaving the maze and rolling into downtown san francisco. it is just crowded.=f 17 to 20 minutes for the average time from the maze to ?re@pí.pm&w bridge commutes the backup stretches out to cash-strapped ?re@pí.pm&w over to 92 your ride across the bridge?p need to get over to foster city salmo= checking in on the east bay get it over to the kg and accidents on the upper ?re@pí.pmw getting through in a big rig involved causing a minoríá8 the heavy traffic is the for leaving hercules rolling down to oakland 23 minutes;%
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stop and go from highway 4 ?re@pí.pmw and that is abnormal and your ?re@pí.pm&w . if you need to leave walnut creek lafayette looks good( little crowded approaching the ?re@pí.pm&úw only 12 minutes from the 24 680 flip over to the oakland maze. ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw who is interested in atlanta georgia he opened fire on a crowd andc: old to become altered the was ?re@pí.pmw will be severely punished for ?re@pí.pm&úw waiting for some because -- teqnika marie moultrie remains a a new effort in the bay ?re@pí.pmw spread congressmen mike honda
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and alameda county dist. atty. and calling to get an estimated ?re@pí.pm&úw around the nation there are nearly 500,000 hits on shelves waiting to be tested the o'malley says she wants to makei sure that such offenders are ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw but guilty to smuggling marijuana for oakland international airport federal ?re@pí.pm&w michael but do with conspiring with other former airport employees and he admitted 7d 2013 he used his security patch ?re@pí.pm&úw while carrying suitcases filled with marijuana. he then handed ?re@pí.pm&w board planesigm nationitywide. 12 people have been indicted.áv' a 36-year-old southern
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california has=m3 is girl.ça he works at san gabriel has, he ?re@pí.pmw patrol officer fountain in a ?re@pí.pm&úw vegas neighborhood policing the girl was reported missing on friday after her relationship ?re@pí.pmw the two fled to nevada but the girl was returned to her family % he is in jail this morning on five felony charges including statutory se%' a fiery gas leak'yú people to evacuate homes in los angeles is under control crews working in the woodland hills ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pmw that pipe spew national gas which sparked a fire burning ?re@pí.pm&úw some people from nearby homes ?re@pí.pmw before the gas company finally stops the leak.
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the homes were damaged and no ?re@pí.pm&w of two memorial services will be held today for eai police officer who was shot and ?re@pí.pm&w he was shot five times while inp ?re@pí.pmw last thursday. his partner were shot in the throat but he is expected to recover. officer will be held at corpus christi catholic church of ?re@pí.pm&úw be held tomorrow at shadow ?re@pí.pm&úw public. check plans are moving forward to make sure 2 deadly massacre in us history ?re@pí.pm&w the owner of pulse nightclub yesterday.ñ.p barbara pohlman said she is not ?re@pí.pmw
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he says he was orlando to make ?re@pí.pm&úw a permanent memorial. this have to buy pulse from the owner . 49 were killed and dozens wounded when a gunman opened fire inside the club in june. 8 reopened and she is still ?re@pí.pm&úw property.ñl stability against kicking off tomorrow this morning there were serious concerns about the workers are scrambling to put finishing touches paving ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw expressed optimism saying that the reports of unfinished projects are overblown and that rio de janeiro is ready for?vm top of the concerns of a ?re@pí.pm&úw more than 1 million tickets are still unsold for olympic events. ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw than 3 tablespoons of the water
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in sunday's they can typhoid fever and despite ?re@pí.pm&w who swim in the water if put their head underwater and for olympic athletes for ceilin& trying to let the water come in contact with your skin.i( it is now 7:23 am and ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&w court is being taken to court. bay as this man:'ó child molestation. police say they are concerned that can be more victims.
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?re@pí.pm&úw checking back in on that they bridge right into san francisco ?re@pí.pmw backed up two w. grand and crowded across the upper deck but not as bad as the approach on the oakland cited under the ?re@pí.pmw tracking heavier the normal
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central freeway. an accident working there at the end of central freeway pretty clear but the whole ?re@pí.pm&úw the end is in gm's and backed ?re@pí.pm&w is also impacting traffic on ?re@pí.pm&úw up to the 280 split and lots of heavy traffic in san francisco the westbound skywaycr central and northbound because ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw federal court to keep pokimon go players away from his house lingering outside his home ?re@pí.pmw people have also been asking to go into his backyard to capture pokimon placed there by the game. federal court in temperatures go against the game makersba( it's six class action status ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw property for the lawsuit says ?re@pí.pm&w
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for placing pokimon without a property owner's permission. ?re@pí.pm&w sports, pokimon will now be last of the athletes were able ?re@pí.pm&w despite some of the problems with the olympic village most ?re@pí.pm&w realized they would not be able to playmongo. the latest is over and the ?re@pí.pm&w available expect learning new seek new cars from tesla. it announced yesterday" are plans for semitruck and minibus that within 6 to 9 ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&w been often comes as tesla quarterly earnings temperatures accompanied consistently loses money for the lost almost ¿k million in the last three ?re@pí.pm&w must say that fully self driving cars are a lot closer ?re@pí.pm&úw $35,000 model three should be
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out o= >> pavlik morning fog and3d( clouds that will shake off to the east bank in the afternoon ?re@pí.pmw forecast coming up. at the ingleside district a standoff going into its 18th hour i will give you all the ?re@pí.pm&úw on the kron4 morning news. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
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in san francisco in a standoff that started yesterday at a home on miramar avenue.mj where live on the scene with the latest. there for quite some time and taking the time to try to get
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?re@pí.pmw anything new about this -- >>reporter: i believe it was a suspect but a person is coming ?re@pí.pm&úw been more activity from this unit and you will see in the ?re@pí.pmw periodically has been coming ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw to talk to them like yelling loud because it is very hard to ?re@pí.pmw this is on miramar and the ?re@pí.pmw and ocean avenue is quite a busy street you have the crossing. that he is yelling something ?re@pí.pmw but it is hard to make out what the words are for he goes back and forth# in and out into the building ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:32 am
him and making contact with him throughout the whole morning but doesn't seem to be wanting to come out and the police ?re@pí.pm&úw defensive stance or offenses ?re@pí.pm&úw been understand us and a lot of ?re@pí.pm&w test any moment and you don't ?re@pí.pmw taking their time with this ?re@pí.pm&w started yesterday at around 130 as you mentioned it started yesterday at around 1:30 pm;8 there was an incident that caused the pursuit and the police officers pursued him and he came in here and parked -- ?re@pí.pm&úw there is a good indication this ?re@pí.pm&w like there is only one person ?re@pí.pm&úw although they are not saying possibility this is why they are taking their time and being cautious and ip:
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time is an understatement ?re@pí.pm&úw 18th hour of the standoff and ?re@pí.pm&úw like the police are in any hurry to úv after they are trying hardtc( have him come out on his own initiative.g98 ?re@pí.pm&w soon. ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pmw going forward to 730 we watch the erosion as it happens but ?re@pí.pm&úw temperatures have not responded ?re@pí.pm&w and east bay shoreline, held ?re@pí.pm&úw
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mountain view. ?re@pí.pmw an elevated and sparkling concorde at 16 oakland at nine and :k westerly winds from the vax eight hours they are calling a cloudy by 7 am and by 11 am 69 trying to clear 89 for the ?re@pí.pmw it is slow getting out of san francisco on the golden ?re@pí.pm&w bridge crews are coming out ?re@pí.pm&w plaza before you get to the ?re@pí.pm&w the right leg plus during this ?re@pí.pm&w and they have not switched around the lane configuration because it accommodates the i of service go able only be have ?re@pí.pm&úw up to the south tower bridge crews are on the way that leaves /as9
7:35 am
service ago (the net a great ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&w behind bars accused of >> san jose arrested this man 51-year-old thomas reeves. ?re@pí.pm&w teacher for the girl in june of ?re@pí.pm&úw then started having sexual. police have not said if %má worked through a tutoring looking into this crime. >> we are concerned there may ?re@pí.pm&úw suspects are we are putting this information out. if ?re@pí.pmw someone they had dealings with our maybe he was out there soliciting his service as a two- have them !
7:36 am
>> read as charge 10 felony counts of child molestation and he was in jail for an unrelated the molestation case. ?re@pí.pmw after an attempted hit and run. around 130 yesterday afternoon at g st. and west 14th in the woman was in a the case -- with another car. fire investigator witnessed the crash and called for helpak investigators are two people in the other vehicle involved try to run from the scene and how limited purpose of police arrived from the moment was taken to the hospital. a teenage girlk ?re@pí.pm&w intersection in bailey city more and south mayfair avenues ?re@pí.pm&úw shopping center. ?re@pí.pmw after the accident the girl was in her early teens and hospitalizedp ?re@pí.pm&w
7:37 am
we spoke with people who live ?re@pí.pm&w they say it is a very dangerous intersection and changes need intersection frequently and ?re@pí.pm&w it's not a four-way stop. cars possibly coming from all directions >> i lived here for over 30 years and complain to the city council to put a stop sign here then in the middle of the street where i have to jump back and get out of the way because the car -- like ?re@pí.pmw on the scene as cooperating ?re@pí.pm&úw they have not figured out exactly how the accident occurred from california ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&w virus. the federal car is the government argues with how to ?re@pí.pmw
7:38 am
sylvia burwell has been warning fighting zika is running out. ?re@pí.pm&úw have the first travel related zika abp the person traveled; dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w transmitted by mosquitoes but they are not in california. reported in the states and to one are in/r5s9 defects the crews out in san manteo ?re@pí.pm&w virus from mosquitoes tested positive last week and crews x had tested the mosquitoes after they conductedm fogging in redwood city from crews out from 9 pm to 5 am tomorrow the hall avenueñ8 camelot go but health officials ?re@pí.pmw property and check the screens
7:39 am
on doors and windows. pleaded not guilty in connection to a quadruple ?re@pí.pm&w institute for lee farley faces ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw and participating in a criminal street gang. for young men were sitting in a ?re@pí.pm&w in a drive-by shooting in ?re@pí.pm&úw the only person charged in the murder safari but police believe that they could be involved because they were multiple guns used in the crime. ?re@pí.pm&úw with a seven to the dock and a soccer player gets put in brazil and a major-league a ?re@pí.pm&úw truck thousands of people are headed to san francisco for the ?re@pí.pm&úw festival. what you need to know.añ8
7:40 am
after the break back to school shopping can be tough on ?re@pí.pm&úw suggestions on how to save money.
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welcome back to type this 7:42 am. state bridge heavier than ?re@pí.pm&úw there is a stall northbound before south tower blocking the right lane. chp on scene that leaves one
7:43 am
lane zi ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw they are dealing with it but it is backed up with the toll plaza. ?re@pí.pm&w the north bay. southbound only 18 minutes on the left to get8 francisco. ?re@pí.pm&úw kids ready to go back to school which means spending more money on supplies and you close ther and are serving says families ?re@pí.pm&úw on each child there are some you save some money first red ?re@pí.pm&úw loyalty points all in one place ?re@pí.pmw product you can look at bats well. ?re@pí.pmw plants were walking around in a store where the points can be ?re@pí.pm&úw the third is retail may not
7:44 am
that highlighted discounts and sales at dó ?re@pí.pm&úw all the information is on ?re@pí.pmw about 80 by frequent p.m. ?re@pí.pm&úw stuff first.
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you are one of these guys
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april is the same as september? >> it is there a more upset about the free trade more than ever. ?re@pí.pm&úw they'll be me and my sign outside claim ?re@pí.pm&úw around the league and this is probably one of the most interesting send offs i've ever seen. ?re@pí.pmw the same and toss out the field. ?re@pí.pm&w every place is ti hats off to him. ?re@pí.pm&úw 40 years old, bh is most of the ?re@pí.pm&úw i may be in the polyolefin he ?re@pí.pm&w camper un? ?re@pí.pmw >> it would be great to go out ?re@pí.pmw
7:49 am
a great year. he is by every account ?re@pí.pmw is a good guy and the team if i ?re@pí.pmw couple months left in effect would you rather go out like would you rather go out like ortiz or a broad ?re@pí.pm&úw doing something that you love ?re@pí.pm&w rest up and say i still feel good, what did i click for? you don't want that to happen. ?re@pí.pmw are getting underway.c here with the us team soccer match last night. ?re@pí.pmw have?
7:50 am
you flip on women's soccer and she's always the goalie. >> what happened to her last night we have some video. usa beating new zealand but every time hope solo got theb38 problem brazilians abood herchpn ?re@pí.pm&w >> sometimes you only will a ?re@pí.pm&w most recognizable name on that team. >> the real reason isx some zika jokes that she put ?re@pí.pm&úw where she is all dressed up ?re@pí.pmw >> that's your answer.pei
7:51 am
it was a bad zika jokingly ?re@pí.pmw >> you have some people always ?re@pí.pm&w >> i think separate from any trouble finds her. >> exactly. ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pmw six-time world record holder and downloads r5 ?re@pí.pm&úw gps position so it is using data he got a $5000 roaming bill before the olympic started.) he is going around looking for ?re@pí.pmw from the japanese carrier. with what happened to this guy, but by his the so popular? you are on your phone and where you are in the real world is placed in real wordá
7:52 am
positions. if your kid gets in the car the character is running in real t time position. ?re@pí.pmw is around of real-world specific setting for parents is that kids can run errands with ?re@pí.pm&w to get in the car and find pokimon. ?re@pí.pm&úw going away? >> my son loves pokimon go.zg: the market tendon and his 14- year-old son of a big fan of 10 ?re@pí.pm&úw . there are two things is to be ?re@pí.pm&úw a guy and he says let me tell ?re@pí.pmw run as fast as i can. now i ?re@pí.pm&úw pokimon.i >> here is the saddest part about the roaming bill pokimon ?re@pí.pm&úw until today. he was going around the country looking for pokimon and it wasn't out in 5 ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:53 am
conversation i have about pokimon is when talking with you on tv percent at least you know how "> watch out for those roaming charges. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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-lois pricese. [ifrom grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. police are offering a reward r48 state park ranger who was ?re@pí.pm&w
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94-year-old betty is the oldest a thief broke into her home last month and robbed and assaulted her. the thief received from president obama the us interior secretary. -- wine. police are offering a $10,000 to an arrest.z happening now preparations ?re@pí.pm&w thousands of concertgoers will make their way to san francisco this weekend for the ninth annual7f[ tomorrow and sunday this year .( includes radiohead, lcd, sound system and lionel richie. ?re@pí.pm&úw people who live in sunset ridge area been warned there ?re@pí.pm&w
7:57 am
the neighborhood. ?re@pí.pm&w a san francisco following a standoff. happening blocksjeú ?re@pí.pmw a wildfire continues to doubled in size overnight and a an investigation underway after an american is killed in ?re@pí.pm&w details on the suspect behind bars. ?re@pí.pmw after this break.
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8:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>yoli aceves: we just found out that the suspect may possibly have some psychological problems he has barricaded himself since yesterday this started with an alleged armed robbery he was out on the street and rob someone of and an electronic device the witness and a couple of witnesses saw home run into this building after he barricaded himself in the apartment they said he was able to contact family members gave them a little bit of history. >>yoli aceves: he has some
8:01 am
mental illness that are taking their time there is no immediate threat that would take their time and tried to coach him this is what they ultimately won they do not want to pull out by force. >>yoli aceves: he tries to save face of the police department this is hard to hear an we're on a very loud street hit does come out and he looks and he steps back they do believe he is in there by his self they want to continue negotiations this explains why this is taking so long they really do want to try and convince some.
8:02 am
>>reporter: is pretty much what to and expect to go on for some there was a look at the fall will go out to the last track in eastern contra costa county getting some clearing what is really slow going for 8:00 in the morning temperatures have not snapback upper 60s to concede a perfect is also for the east bay's shoreline a good five degrees or so in some spots below what they were this time
8:03 am
yesterday and. >>reporter: 79 it coming out the to the jews are expected we would take a tour on that. >>robin winston: thanks to an earlier problem it was northbound after before the south the tower of car stalled out that pushed the dollar but a really jammed the traffic your currency is at a crawl heading out of san francisco during this time of mourning the like configuration north from the stall had one lane open traffic is still struggling to recover it is backed up through the toll plaza it gets better rom is and come from the north bank it is
8:04 am
less than 20 minutes a great ride from central san rafael we learned that a woman who was killed and a knife attack was american investigators say there was no evidence that this was a terrorist attack five other people including another american was stabbed in this rampage to have new video from overnight to happen late last night in russell square near the british museum in central london. >>mark: investigators have not said how the other victims are doing this morning the did the rest of 19 you're out in connection with the stabbing attack they believe that much hope was a factor.
8:05 am
>>reporter: we at the base camp with the firefighters are preparing to head to the fire lines of battle the fire you could see their crews getting briefed on where their assignments are we've seen fire engines from all over the state a lot of these guys are preparing to hand out to see the lights going on we do want to tell you the latest numbers that we have 4,700 a. burned in 15 percent contained the fire is burning in parts of yellow county much of the containment is along highway 128 this has been a challenging fire to battle because of steep terrain where is all burning much of it is burning the unpopulated areas
8:06 am
which makes it very difficult to write reach. >>reporter: those residents were allowed to start returning starting at 8:00 this morning there is a campground was evacuated that is still in place that evacuation order were going to be here to monitor conditions
8:07 am
throughout the morning for you back to you in the studio. >>terisa estacio: that are investigating the bus crash that killed four people and injured 23 others and the central valley in the crash tuesday morning on highway 99 investigators said the five people had died but that was changed to 4 yesterday include a married couple for mexico and southern california there was also a man wanted a through the mexican consulate investigators do not know what happened before the crash one passenger said the bus driver was trying to pass the car there were 27 people on board the bus including the driver seven passengers suffered
8:08 am
major injuries three had moderate injuries and 13 had minor. >>mark: florida is recalling 840,000 cars because the doors to open while the cars are moving the covers 2013 to 15 model years also include all the 2014 through 16 for transit the 2015 ford mustang and the lincoln and casey from the 2015 model year there was the tab back to break in back and cause the door to open while the car is moving them focused on 16 states in the south and west including here in california they will contact you if you have a vehicle that is affected
8:09 am
he is due to be sentenced today and murder racketeering charges how long the gang leader up will spend behind bars.
8:10 am
8:11 am
♪ ♪ you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner. you know, no matter what.
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8:16 am
>>mark: they're expecting the southwest today video the flooding in arizona flash flooding had the parts of arizona who call a model new mexico and nevada the rains are bringing relief to firefighting crews with us from brendan potential mudslides.
8:17 am
>>reporter: here we conceive the watch of the very end you can see in solano county getting some clear and having the media bay area for downtown is going to be slow going were getting some progress here but still may be some trouble in the far east of oakland a lot of the peninsula as we see for the evening hours by 10:00 p.m. hand over my head and reinforces across the sacramento valley the mix out by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow even slower in looks like as to concede the east of the shoreline so behind all that to the julies the warm-up adjutancy it replaced a 90 still cool the west side of the hills however. >>reporter: 4 our temperatures as an expense for today around the south bay and lower peninsula redwood city about 7576 going on for paulo out so
8:18 am
well waiting to get some clearing upper '70's down to the south bank and is like san jose's 79 east of a shoreline '60s and '70s and lower '70s oakland about 771 here is the recovery you concede.
8:19 am
>>robin winston: is moving very well from the north where we spot a trouble spot san jose northbound 880 will have more crash of blocking the left lane off and on into downtown
8:20 am
oakland all the problems the average drive time 27 minutes from 238 to the 980 split. >>mark: one week after holding a lead over hillary clinton don trump has fallen off the post of mention high.
8:21 am
>>reporter: we think this was a ransom republicans seizing on news that the president obama administration to raise the delivery of a large cash payment on the same day that a relief for american prisoners and implementing the nuclear deal some in the gop accusing the administration of violating u.s. policy by pain for a hostage release and sank a to americans abroad at risk the white house
8:22 am
and state the farmer rejecting the characterization president obama announced a $400 million transfer in january as for the cash delivery officials say it was due in part to the lack of access. >>terisa estacio: the pipes filled natural gas will cause a fire burning in the nearby 36 people from nearby homes they had to be evacuated for three
8:23 am
hours./ >>terisa estacio: the was already figured out how to hack the chip credit-card stocks after the break we would tell you how they are getting around the increase security.
8:24 am
8:25 am
again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
8:26 am
8:27 am
>>mark: is the company is found guilty for your money there could be as serious security flaw in those credit-card. >>terisa estacio: it allows them to keep the counterfeiting
8:28 am
>>mark: helps keep your points at one pays you can help define the store that has the best deal for the product it give you points just for walking into stores and they can be redeemed for gift cards it is called retail me not some of the top stores you can get access to call upon. >>reporter: here is a breakdown we have temperatures reaching into the lower 80s going on by high noon and 4:00 returning to the '70s.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>terisa estacio: we have been live at the scene with an update. >>yoli aceves: that is why they're taking a slower
8:31 am
approach his barricaded himself in to this apartment we spoke to the officer just the bottom half an hour ago against a better explanation of why we have got to this coin in what we ended up here at this apartment he is
8:32 am
accused of robbery there is a robbery that took place out on the streets and then the vet them and all the witnesses saw him run into this building this is why they're taking their time and this is why this the long standoff we have seen this hasn't been any harsh movements like you'd like to see the swat
8:33 am
team surrounding the building and going in and out of the building the have their team here with their really taken that distance and time approached. >>reporter: in the distance tower decency is really hanging
8:34 am
around and controlling the temperature going forward to the. a little bit of the eastern contra costa county slow going even up to the north to bay you can see it as low getting this together you can see we have not changed much and that means we are along the east bay shore line 61 for san jose the contrast 24 hours ago 73 for cox 79 will be reaching the '80s- check 92 check the bay bridge where check in the san mateo bridge looking of lot better were at high hayward to the peninsula no lead is slowing on the stand crowded but just about back at the limit if you need to
8:35 am
use it is less than 20 minutes this was no. 80 at the alameda exit it cleared at two lanes blocked there was some slowing back from 280 split the drive time under 15 minutes. >>terisa estacio: san francisco man has pleaded not guilty in connection with a quadruple homicide 27 year-old to faces multiple charges including murder possessed of a firearm to purchase at a criminal street gang is the only person charged in the murder so far police believe there more people involved in multiple guns reduced.
8:36 am
>>mark: police arrested the man the 22 year-old he was wanted for armed robbery but he resisted his fleet a not guilty to six charges a misdemeanor battery on a police officer and one count of resisting arrest he is due back in court august 19th a big break came with a teenager who was reportedly a sexually assaulted while working at a community cool and calm and.
8:37 am
>>haaziq madyun: from what the homeowners' association the witnesses to actually saw the suspect that dame who look at the videos said that was the suspect in question the video was recorded last sunday just before 6:00 p.m. outside of the clubhouse. >>haaziq madyun: investigators say it was minutes later that a teenage girl with the victim of a sexual assault not far from the poll the suspect got away before police arrived his described as a hispanic male in his '40's worm of gray in on a t-shirt and blue jeans and white running shoes the president of the association says one of the
8:38 am
residence saw a man matching the description of her was head and seriously injured by a car.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>mark: we spoke to residents who say that roadway can be very
8:42 am
dangerous. >>reporter: earlier this afternoon there was a series pedestrian accident and saw the mayfair the victim is eight teen girl who was taken to local hospital for potentially life- threatening injuries there needs to be additional stop lights or stop signs because it is a dangerous and very busy intersection.
8:43 am
>>reporter: the driver remained on the scene and has been cooperating with. the with >>terisa estacio: westbound heading to the richmond san rafael bridge it is still sluggish the stop and go traffic approaching the toll plaza is less than 15 minutes will take a look at some of the slow spots coming up after the break.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>reporter: there is a return to the east and then also filtering in the valley impact then stitching up by 5:00 a.m. you can see the valley will be the case and 9:00 a.m. we'll play all this again this is conference of the onshore wind pressing the surface of my car when the war conceive of the east were getting them into the '80s from the media bay will pretty slow home from or seven is 59 1/2 on bay along the
8:47 am
coast along the eastern shore line we have 714 hayward into lower to middle eighties 84854 walnut creek in san ramon coming in at 86. >>robin winston: and looks for a good a minor weight at the bay bridge toll plaza some a little car across the upper deck but overall not a bad ride 17 minutes from the maze of to the sky when scare as to mention the
8:48 am
accident wraping up on the cupertino side keeping traffic pretty slow is a 36 minute drive from san jose heading north on 280 in cupertino. >>terisa estacio: there is a stretch of road that more closely resembles a garbage dump in the city street. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: in the view
8:49 am
or not was responding to a story i did all the trashing of san jose after watching the video i needed to see more for myself this stress has a little bit of everything for example this is what is left of a camper that was set ablaze it look like a burned itself out close to half a dozen campers and motor homes and is also been abandoned in this one has the oakland police department loss of trash and thus colder of something their strict vehicles like all four wheels are on blocks and the only thing left is the streets using motor will issue away from storm drain.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>>mark: yesterday's the head of the international olympic committee expressed optimism.
8:52 am
. >>terisa estacio: we're one day away from the official start of the summer games in rio and nfl player in super bowl champion will be competing in he played a rather be in high school before playing football at ohio state he was drafted by the new england patriots and since then
8:53 am
he won a super bowl but now he is returning to and is part of the u.s. allowed the team the pager is excused him from training camp he spent the last four months focus on the rugby starting to draw he would try and leave the team usa to the first gold medal awarded an almost 100 years. 6 they had not been a part of the of the third since 1924 and after the olympics will report to the patriots' training camp. >>mark:
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>terisa estacio: the u.s. and secretary gave them replacement after hearing about the story and now police offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the
8:56 am
case preparations are underway in golden gate park for this year outside festival to is about to concertgoers are making their way to san francisco this weekend to the night annual music festival. >>mark: includes real head and lcds sound system. >>mark: more on the call we can
8:57 am
forecast another one on the way we will have the neighborhood forecast coming up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: a standoff continuing from yesterday a man barricaded inside of a home we want to show you this is a map of the 200 block me a more afternoon this is just a few blocks to the bauble parked station. >>mark: entering the 18th hour of the standoff we have been there to rob the morning she has an update on the situation police.
9:00 am
are kind. >>yoli aceves: they told us that the suspect who barricaded himself into this apartment that he suffers from mental illness we spoke to officer he's been one of the negotiators and he's been talking to the suspect he explains a little bit of what they are dealing with they're using time and distance that the tactic that the police officers are doing as long as it does not pose any immediate threats that on to take their time this is why we're going into the 18th hour they figured there is no
9:01 am
reason to depress him and that is the main goal in he is a suspect in a burglary in a robbery they say he robbed someone in their electronic devices witnesses and the victim saw him run into this building when offices got here they found him barricaded in that apartment he does periodically look out the window he yells a couple of things for the police officers and then goes back and sometimes close of the shades and the windows. >>yoli aceves: we're trying to convince the man to come on because they do not want this to escalate they are really taking their time again that approach is time and distance. >>mark: we would check back with you if something happens with the situation which total about the standoff right now is 91
9:02 am
we're being joined by rabin. >>robin winston: we're getting word of a motorcycle accident chp motorcycle officer involved in the crash north of the 17880 splint a separate accident northbound 280 blocking three lanes of traffic the motorcycle accident in the back of that one is fairly new to separate problems no hot spots it will be a tough ride room through the south than if you have to use use 101 do not use 280 a big problem one of them is the son was a side the third hot spot
9:03 am
is in pacifica nor about one and manage drive the vehicle and just look over with the far right lane block crews are heading out to the scene is an overturned it would take some time to get the vehicle. >>reporter: also battling the fall we it are everywhere and you concede the golden gate a little bit higher up in terms of creating an overcast here was a look at the fog tractor there you see in the last couple of friends a little bit of progress happening tim to and not much affected by aware and 60
9:04 am
concord livermore 61 for san jose and 61 for mountain view when we contrast this with where we were this time yesterday that half a dozen degrees behind in the east bay shore line from yesterday. >>reporter: 5:00 and 76 as we visit in most areas into the '80s shaven of those nine is probably a good five days or so. >>terisa estacio: they are struggling to try and gain control of a wildfire burning and below county >>reporter: we're at the base camp were released a 700 firefighters are preparing to go to the fire line so you can see exactly what it looks like you concealed the fire engines that are here from all over the statement of these firefighters have been down and lost angeles
9:05 am
iman recounted before coming here to battle the fire in the latest numbers that we have are that there have been 4,700 a. burned in 15 percent contained this has been a challenging fire for them to battle because of the steep terrain where is burning in much of it is burned on populated area which makes it very difficult to reach you that
9:06 am
your wishes are still in place for canyon creek resort. >>reporter: the evacuation order lifted to the golden bear is states those residents to start returning to their home starting at 8:00 this morning that you in the studio.
9:07 am
9:08 am
. >>terisa estacio: and the rate of problems is higher in the united states and high temperatures. >>mark: still ahead of the
9:09 am
turbulence behind the scene after the break of the workers on strike for second day in the south bay what they're demanding and how to impact the system. ♪ i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions,
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neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. >>robin winston: we haven't nasa involving a chp motorcycle officer take a look at the map northbound 280 north of the winchester exit it looks like according to the chp loss the also spun around at the center divided went down in the lapland up and walking around and apparently refusing medical
9:11 am
attention to track the color issued for the trash is a very tough commute coming out of san jose will switch over to skye's seven you could see the activity on the left it looks like there's an ambulance the motorcycle accident on the left only one line blocked that is the far left lane traffic getting by on the right hand side. >>robin winston: if you have to use northbound 280 prepare for a lot of heavy traffic second hot spot that is now down to 80 at the hands of that crash has three lanes blocked the second incident from north down to a consider using no. 101 instead stay on top of this incident there is a tow truck on the scene a little closer to having this activity.
9:12 am
>>mark: it is on par with reagan and bill clinton nearly 300 santa clara county superior court employees are back out there on the picket line this morning but walk off the job guest today installed and contract negotiations it was only limited services and the court spokesperson said the employees was offered a 10% pay increase.
9:13 am
>>reporter: the temperatures selling ride to the '80s will visit and to the '80s by the way for the inland valleys
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>mark: but said he appears to be ok more we're here with more. >>robin winston: that is just north of the 88017 split in the
9:16 am
sky seven hands out the nasty back approach in the scene on northbound 280 already a tough ride because of separate accidents on the cupertino size switching over to the map. >>robin winston: it is 35 minutes and the growing to get from the one who once led through all this heavy traffic will keep an eye on and let you know when the have both crashes
9:17 am
out of the way now of four northbound 280 because the backed up continues to grow. >>reporter: potentially some fog issues even parts of the east bay shoreline the peninsula and downtown san francisco returning by 10:00 in overnight just billing and into the sacramento valley a little bit
9:18 am
this afternoon there comes the ocean course there from seven years so 71 hey what oakland about 70 over the hills lower 70's to 85 walnut creek. >>mark: he killed the 30 year- old woman who was visiting
9:19 am
austin from the bay area the family howe and convicted he is severely punished the semi including the wife says they are waiting for remains to be returned to california so she could be laid to rest police responding to a family disturbance when a man was shot and killed when officers arrived at three family members and a neighbor came out of the home and offices were inside and found the 59 year-old twin been shot multiple times. >>terisa estacio: they're arrested the suspect but they have not released or identify the relationship between the victim and the suspect the first of two memorial services will be held today for san diego police officer who was shot and killed
9:20 am
during a traffic stop the 43 year-old officer and it was shot to five times while on the driver's seat of his patrol car his partner were shot in the throat but he is expected to recover the first memorial service will be held at the catholic church and the sentences will be held tomorrow that is an alcoholic but services are open to the public. >>mark: he met with the owner of the post's michael it assurances edition is not made a decision he was a learned to make the night club into a permanent memorial the city of orlando would buy it calls from the owner for nine people were killed in the open fire in side of the club in june it said the club was not reopened and she is still contemplating the future of the property and just one
9:21 am
week after holding a lead of hillary clinton donald trump seems to have these been involved in several controversies this week including his feud with the family of a muslim american soldier. >>mark: he came under fire for refusing to endorse john mccain and paul ryan the primary is next week's sources said the trump campaign the growing increasingly frustrated with his inability to stay on message the campaign manager spoke and denied allegations that he is losing control a source inside of the gop's said they have suspicions that he may drop out of the race with their no signs. >>terisa estacio: of $400
9:22 am
million just paid to a rhyme we explain why the payment is sparking controversy republicans seizing on news that the administration secretly arranged delivery of a large payment on the same day that they released for american prisoners and formally implemented the nuclear deal some in the gop accusing the administration of violating longstanding u.s. policy by paying for hostage release and sang a + america is a broader risk they essentially put a price tag on the head of every american traveling abroad by turning over a cash payment essentially ransom payment for americans held in iran the white house instead are rejecting the characterization.
9:23 am
>>reporter: president obama announced a 400 made the transfer in january as for the cash delivery they say it was due in part to lack of access to the global financial system and what it has delivered have been the same day of the prisoner release they insisted there was no quid pro quo for the payment. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
9:24 am
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>>terisa estacio: they think that he with the level of our lives all that much more. >>reporter: one direction
9:26 am
thought he did have some privacy on a plane turns out he was wrong that posted this picture after they specifically told him because he was sick cannot sleep on a plane without people taking pictures what can you do his marriage and is back on track. >>reporter: and they said that shearson didn't and they met each of the family. >>terisa estacio: you can watch hollywood today lives we days at
9:27 am
1:00 for law and order research's said that and rewrite the strips cold to make it appear like it is the checklist card.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: long whiffs robert and dave. >>robin winston: the biggest problem is a motorcycle accident in san jose this involved a chp motorcycle officer that's all now on northbound 280 north of when tested this has been going on for in the study menaced the officer is ok he just had this to to divide and what down briefly on the freeway and got back what he does not need medical attention with the have an ambulance on seen as a precaution to apply to 80 is awful, out of san jose getting
9:31 am
into cupertino the back as long the guadalupe parkway the drive times 56 to minutes to get from one on one to all of the heavy traffic and over to 85 fax we have another rider that is down and to the embarcadero several lanes blocked if you have two more or south 101 you will experience heavy traffic in both directions north down one at manor drive. >>robin winston: in the clearing stage is not causing a huge backup slow traffic approaching the same tiffs make sure you leave early this morning
9:32 am
>>reporter: not just for san francisco this is the press so far cry little the up to the north today as well but has yet to get into the actual day this is what the mixing now tell us it does a pretty good job along east bayshore line the return is also expressos fifth fast-food.
9:33 am
>>terisa estacio: participating in a criminal street gang for young men were sitting in a stolen car when they're killed in a drive-by shooting in january of last year he was the only person charged in the murder but they believe there were more people involved the because there were multiple guns used to man is described as
9:34 am
hispanic and summer in his '40's. >>mark: he began working has a language children for the girl in june of last year and they say he started having sexual encounters about four months later there could be more victims.
9:35 am
>>terisa estacio: the pregnant woman was in the car that was involved in the crash of another vehicle the investigator who was also offers an officer saw everything and he called for help investigators told two people and one of the vehicles he saw the one was trying to run from the scene and he held two of those people at gunpoint until the police arrived the woman was taken to hospital word on how she's doing this morning. >>terisa estacio: the suspect has been shooting randomly since
9:36 am
march and police believe it is the same suspect who the person shot last month, the man and his son were not injured and fully the shooter had killed seven people and injured two they're still trying to figure out how why an airliner crashed in dubai. >>terisa estacio: 300 people or able to skate and only 13 had minor injuries from the crash unbelievable a firefighter died while fighting the flames investigators say it is possible the from landing gear collapsed causing the plane to slide delays and cancellations continues at the airport all morning.
9:37 am
>>mark: he is due in federal court in san francisco on the kill the arrival back in 2006 and took over a chinese fraternal group been gays and drug trafficking and money laundering and illegal on cigarette sales he had insisted he changed his ways was convicted on hundred 62 crowns in january including murder and racketeering he was arrested as part of the state of our states similar was already pleaded guilty and served a five-year prison sentence the murder conviction carries a mandatory life sentence and nba player would do that tomorrow we have u.s. soccer player in major- league baseball player 34 lbs. of salmon in seattle + 01 about playing the pocket monster game.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin winston: by this motorcycle accident and no problem for the east bay stanley and the south lawn to 38 and i some of off and a dump truck
9:41 am
that is leaking fuel on the freeway to to let friends of blocked the back of this awful spilling over to the nimitz in both directions northbound out of hay was out bomb out of san leandro now down to 30 backing up as well that is clear from the far left lane the back of structures and we have a separate accident not bound to 80 clear from the three left lanes released an hour from 101285 split. >>reporter: important to be
9:42 am
answered problems temporarily if the fall track and we do see some progress starting to happen it is starting to live in the right directions in the continue to be problematic and also to clear on the golden gate temperatures a perfect is nearby 60 hey were six to concord to to to a level more contrasted and you could see where relief behind a half a dozen degrees or so. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing,
9:43 am
speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today.
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: we talked for sports director in case you missed here is a rewind.
9:46 am
time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>mark: good morning gearing. >>gary: this funny and sad that he had a costly error r and ran the day before and it was the reason the day began of a sudden
9:47 am
he is a better. >>mark: i get out there day in and day out of loss and a pearl is not the same in september 5th if he's getting the sendoff from believe in this one of the most interesting standoffs if they gave from a 34 lbs. of
9:48 am
salmon smith did the salmon talks on the feels he is having an mvp year he is 40 years of age i may be in the camp a lot to the said he is not going to quit if but which have for you and i think it is time. >>gary: is a strategic guy all the teammates' lives for.
9:49 am
>>gary: the panel his interest are what he has to do my thing answer when you're doing something that you love maybe after a month. >>gary: she is always in some type of jam she is always of goalie we have a video will happen to her last nine usa and
9:50 am
beating of new zealand but every time she had shut off the brazilian boy there. >>mark: product suite last month where she was all dressed up at the toe and she said and not sharing this some people look for trouble we have the japanese olympic gymnast she has said time record-holder.
9:51 am
>>mark: got $5,000 bill before the olympics even started where you are in the row world is where you are and they are place and where were gps position if your kid is in the car with two drives around their character is running in real-time kids will actually go run errands with them because they want to get in the car
9:52 am
>>mark: of the saddest part about the bill they're not even released in brazil until today the only conversation have about them is what i'm talking to you on tv.
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>>terisa estacio: it would
9:55 am
investigate a fatal accident at the look at the map this between the embarcadero it happened at 916 will motorcyclist collided with the truck traffic and the bird off the freeway and or an express line this of the southbound side is completely open is back in the traffic in both directions altogether north on 1 01 backed up all the way into sunnyvale there is no estimated time for clearing. >>terisa estacio: this morning and i've also ideas about meccas in chatham nutritious lunch.
9:56 am
>>reporter: cheapos some first fruit next veggies then add a whole grain next roll up a piece of protein like ham or turkey at a healthy fat like cheese you can switch things i'll chiffon this banana appear below recipe you just roll out bread spread peanut butter and put in a >>: when a child will get all
9:57 am
the nutrients they need it during the day. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am. our next newscast and at 5:00 p.m. this evening have a great day
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